How to Clean a Fish Tank

Do you want to know how to clean a fish tank? This article will guide you to do all the cleaning process for freshwater fish tank or aquarium that you have, and keep your fish healthy.

How To Clean A Fish Tank

Having a freshwater aquarium is a good thing. The cute fishes swim around inside aquarium is also another beautiful view you can have in your room. However, having a fish tank like this one means you need to do routine maintenance. The easiest way is cleaning your fish tank regularly. In this article, we will guide you to clean your fish tank. It is easy to do, and you can make your aquarium beautifully clean.

The Preparations

  1. Water for replacing the used water,
  2. Algae pad,
  3. Large bucket,
  4. Siphon-type gravel vacuum,
  5. Filter media,
  6. Aquarium-safe glass cleaner (alternatively, you can use vinegar-based solution).

How to Clean a Fish Tank and So You’re Freshwater Fishes Can Swim Happily

  1. Remove the water. You need to know how much water you need to change. If you change the water weekly and your fishes are healthy, you can just remove the 10%-20% water. However, if you rarely change the water, or several of your fishes are sick, you need to remove at least 25%-50%.
  2. Once you remove the water, you can clean the algae on the glass. Use the algae pad and scrubbing the algae stain until it is clean. If you find the hard-to-clean stain, you can scrape it with plastic blade. Make sure you do it gently, so it won’t damage the fish tank glass.
  3. Next, use the gravel vacuum to clean the gravel. Make sure you don’t miss any parts. The excess food, fish waste, and other kinds of substance can cause health problem for your fishes. So, make sure you clean it entirely.
  4. Take out the decorations and clean it with algae pad. Make sure there is not algae and stain on its surface. If it has difficult part to reach, you can use the toothbrush. Do not use the soap, because it can stick on the decoration and it’s harmful for your fishes.
  5. Once you do all of the steps above, you can add the fresh and clean water.


Freshwater fish tank or aquarium is actually easy to clean. Do all those step regularly, and you can keep your fish tank clean. It will become a great place for your fishes to live. Moreover, all the cleaning supplies that we used above are easy to get. You can buy it in bulk, so you can use it for regular clean every week or every time you feel you need to clean your freshwater fish tank.