How to Clean a Trumpet

Cleaning a trumpet can be really complicated to do. Here, you will know how to clean a trumpet in correct way, so it won’t damage and keep it easy to do.

How To Clean A Trumpet

how to clean a trumpet? Do you play trumpet? If you play it a lot, you must feel the different, if there is something clogged inside your trumpet. But, you also understand that maintain your trumpet will prevent this problem happen. Plus, it also keeps your trumpet sound good. Now, the easiest way to keep your trumpet sound great is cleaning it regularly. This article will give you detail information about the best way to clean your trumpet.

How to Clean a Trumpet with the Simple Method You Can Find

What You Need to Prepare

  1. Wire-snake brush
  2. Mouthpiece brush
  3. Petroleum jelly
  4. Valve oil
  5. Polishing cloth
  6. Towels
  7. Non-bleach dish soap
  8. Big place to clean it with water, preferable the bathtub. Make sure you can get lukewarm water from it.

The Cleaning Steps

  1. Disassembling your trumpet. Make sure you place each part on the towels or soft surface, to avoid the scratch.
  2. Take the tuning slide and let the lukewarm run through it. Use the soap and wire-snake brush to clean each of its part. Then rinse it with water to remove the leftover soap.
  3. Do the steps 2 on other parts of the trumpet, which are 1st valve slide, 2nd valve slide, 3rd slide, valve caps, horn, and mouthpiece.
  4. When you clean the valve caps, do not use the mouthpiece brush, even though it seems perfect for cleaning this part.
  5. When you clean the horn part, do not use the wire-snake brush to clean the valve casing. It can scratch the valve casing, which can obstruct the valve piston motion.
  6. Make sure you use mouthpiece brush to clean the mouthpiece part. But, do not let the mouthpiece brush to go through the bore part, because it can stretch it out.
  7. Next, replace the slides. Apply the petroleum jelly to the surfaces of the trumpet sliding. Now, you can remove the slides much easier. And, replace the slide as well as valve caps.
  8. Clean the valve with lukewarm water from the petroleum jelly leftover.
  9. Use the polishing cloth to polish the entire trumpet surface.

Things You Must Know

Cleaning a trumpet maybe is one of the most difficult thing to do, if you don’t know the name of the trumpet parts. Therefore, this method is only for you who play the trumpet and understand each part. One more important thing, make sure you do the scrubbing gently. Even though the brush is safe for trumpet surface, if you do it roughly, it will make scratch on the trumpet surface.