How to Clean Leather Shoes

This article will help you understand how to clean leather shoes easily. You can use this method to clean your shoes from dirt, plus you can use the method that we give to you every day.

How To Clean Leather Shoes

Leather shoes is one of the best shoes you can choose. The material can last longer. Moreover, when it’s aging, the leather will look even better. So, this kind of shoes will give you a lot of options to your fashion style. However, in order to keep your shoes in good condition, it would be better, if you clean it regularly, especially after you wear it. For that reason, we have the guide to clean your leather shoes here.

How to Clean Leather Shoes and Make It Last Longer

What You Need to Prepare

  1. Soft brush (choose the leather shoes cleaning brush)
  2. Clean cloth
  3. Liquid soap or leather cleaner
  4. Water

The Cleaning Process

  1. First of all, remove the laces and put the laces on the separate place.
  2. Use the soft brush to clean every part of your leather shoes. Make sure you clean the tiny parts, especially the seam, so all debris and dirt are removed.
  3. If you use the soft brush specially made for cleaning the leather shoes, you can do it easily. The brush can easily reach every part of your leather shoes and clean all the debris.
  4. Brush your leather shoes gently, especially when you clean the seam and sole parts. Although the brush is specially made for this shoe, if you do it roughly, it can scratch the surface and damage it.
  5. Dip the clean cloth into the water. Remove the excess water and use it to wipe all parts of the leather shoes.
  6. Then, add a little bit of leather cleaner, or you also can use the liquid soap, if you don’t have the leather cleaner. Put it on the cloth that you use to wipe the leather shoes with water before.
  7. Use the cloth to wipe the entire parts of the shoes. Do not leave any part behind. Make sure you wipe all parts clean.
  8. Let it dry. Make sure, when you do this, do not put it under the direct sunlight. Just put it under the shade or cool place.


Actually, if you want to keep your leather shoes in good condition, you must wear it a lot. It will make the leather turn into much better looks. Of course, the cleaning method that we explained above is also important. You can use that method to clean your shoes every day. That cleaning method is important, especially if you also wear your leather shoes a lot.